Cat rod

Cat toy Poppy offers a modern and challenging game for your cat. Because of the elastic cord, the pompoms will pop in all direction when the cat hit them. The pleasant ringing bell makes the game even more attractive!
The Poppy has a natural appearance which will easily integrate in every interior.

Slow eating

The Lore bowl has an anti-shock effect which makes dogs chew better. Eating slow and less rushed has a positive effect on the digestion of dogs.
The Lore bowl is made of 80% bamboo and dishwasher proof!

Cuddle blanket

The Snoozi is a cuddle blanket for all kinds of dogs that can be used for numerous purposes. It helps dogs getting used to a new environment when leaving their familiar nest;
The blanket has a high odor absorption, so the familiar nest smell will be captured until it has been washed.
It helps dogs to become calm again after certain situations, such as: being left home alone, loud noises, a change in their home situation.
Chewing has a calming effect, because of natural behavior.


The Jasper bowl is a ceramic water / food bowl for dogs and cats. One of the most important things for the health of the dogs are the hygiene. The Jasper bowl has an extra thick glazing making it extremely suitable for daily use in the dishwasher.
The dripped appearance of the glazing makes these bowls very trendy.


Lifestyle brand

D&D HOME, interior justified products for dogs and cats

D&D HOME had a big overhaul in 2017. With a different logo as well as a brand new concept, we are raring to go and ready to set some new trends!

Pets are increasingly viewed as another member of the family. Nowadays, people are willing to spend more money on their pets, and more frequently, as long as the products on offer fit in with their home decor and are quality, fun products for their dog or cat.

D&D HOME products are inspired by the latest interior decorating trends and are made from natural, hard-wearing materials.

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