PETIT is a toy brand that focuses on the development of puppies and young dogs. During this development phase it is important to teach them the basics of behavior and let them experience different aspects of "the game". PETIT challenges with different stimuli.


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PETIT, toys for puppies’ and young dogs

PETIT – the name says it all. Meaning ‘small’, this brand targets puppies and young dogs. PETIT products stimulate puppies’ mental and physical development in a playful way.

Features of PETIT

Its unicolour, cheerful pastel colours are ideal for puppies due to their limited ability to recognise colours. The colours which have been chosen, which are the characteristic PETIT colours, are the colours which dogs are able to recognise.

PETIT products all have a matte rubber finish. This ensures that puppies can not only grip the products easily but they are also easy to clean. It also means the pastel-coloured toys look great in any home or garden.

All PETIT products have some extra features which will be sure to challenge a puppy’s curiosity. Designs feature a variety of structures and materials, rounded shapes and perfect proportions to promote your puppy’s development and help to care for her in a playful way.

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