Form follows function

The use of decent and rich materials are standard requirements of an EBI product. Going back to the essentials by high quality, functionality and innovation. Inspiration comes from all over, beeing different by making new, distinctive things makes EBI unique.

Comfi and stylish

The trendy dog pants of EBI are inspired by the interior trends S19. They are showy anyway, so why not fashionable; was our thought. The pants are packed in pairs, so there is always a spare one! The elastic strap is adjustable in length. Contains four panty liners.


Lifestyle for pets

EBI, lifestyle for pets

EBI has built up a great reputation over the years for its top-quality scratching posts. They are consistently produced using only the very best, finest quality materials, and they are extensively tested to ensure that they are strong, safe, comfortable and functional before their official launch.

In addition to scratching posts, EBI also sells other products for cats and dogs.


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