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EBI Then and Now

Europet Bernina International has been active as a designer, manufacturer and wholesaler in the pet industry since 1873.

In 2015, the business, better known as EBI, became a part of the Laroy Group, with the aim of increasing the strength and diversity of EBI brands.

EBI has always excelled in knowing how to stand out from the crowd with modern, contemporary products, and it is still doing so today. With its own development team, who come up with around 300 unique products each year, EBI is a leading name in dog, cat and aquarium products.

EBI makes innovative, top-quality products, born of a genuine love of animals. So it’s no surprise that their products are in such high demand all over the world.

The EBI Philosophy

Public perception can make or break a brand. Each individual brand, and all the products associated with that brand, is built upon a concept. Twice a year, the development team takes a close look at current trends to be sure that the products we offer are in line with customers’ home décor styles. New products are then restyled based on the needs and desires of the market.

Innovation is a real buzz word with our development team. EBI products are developed using the latest and most durable materials, and with a keen eye for contemporary interior design trends, ensuring that they always look great in any home. Each brand expertly showcases and brings to life its own range of products.

Great emphasis is also placed upon product packaging, but the main focus will always be how the product is used and the concept of the brand.

EBI on a Mission

Nowadays, more and more people are choosing to have a pet, and they tend to be treated as a member of the family. Homes are increasingly not just for humans, they are also shared with our pets. This means that there is greater demand for pet products for use in the home.

EBI’s aim is to offer great products which will meet the needs of pets whilst effortlessly matching the decor of the modern home; products which will be loved by pets and their families alike!

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