D&D HOME products are based on the latest interior trends, made from natural and sustainable materials, for dogs and cats.

Eat & drink

The Jasper bowl is a ceramic dish with a vintage green glaze finish. The base of the dish has rubber protectors to prevent scratches on your floor.

Cat lounge

The "Indy" cat bed is an elegant bed in the shape of an Asian bag. Cats just love jumping inside and snuggling down! The bed has a teddy fur-covered cushion for extra comfort and warmth.


Lifestyle brand

D&D HOME, interior justified products for dogs and cats

D&D HOME had a big overhaul in 2017. With a different logo as well as a brand new concept, we are raring to go and ready to set some new trends!

Pets are increasingly viewed as another member of the family. Nowadays, people are willing to spend more money on their pets, and more frequently, as long as the products on offer fit in with their home decor and are quality, fun products for their dog or cat.

D&D HOME products are inspired by the latest interior decorating trends and are made from natural, hard-wearing materials.

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