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D&D HOME is a brand focused on dogs & cats, and is inspired by the latest interior trends.
AQUA DELLA is a brand focused on fish and reptiles, inspired by nature, culture, history and fantasy.
EBI offers a wide range of timeless, qualitative products for dogs and cats.
COOCKOO is a brand focused on dogs and cats, with particular emphasis on play and entertainment.
PETIT is a brand focused on puppies and young dogs, offering playful solutions to learning and nursing.
BiteMe is a playful brand focused on dog and cat toys.
NOIR is a brand which is targeted at dogs and cats, with the focus on care and wellness

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Each month around ten to twenty new products are designed and developed. It’s always crucial to be ahead of the game!

“Some people talk to animals. Not many listen though. That's the problem”

A.A. Milne


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